Disrupting Education for Good

Welcome to Liberty Launch Academy

Our Mission

Liberty Launch Academy is dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment. We empower all to forge themselves into change agents in their community, humans of great character, and masters of knowledge.

What is a Liberty Warrior?

Our mission empowers students to embrace the Liberty Warrior way—guiding principles rooted in a firm foundation of “in God we trust”. Our focus is to cultivate values which forge students into active citizens of exceptional, authentic character. At Liberty Launch Academy, character education is at the heart of our culture. We believe it is our habits, actions, and responses when no one is looking that defines character. It is woven into every element of our academics, athletics, and cross-curricular activities. We promote teachable moments that occur anytime, anywhere on our school grounds as students become lifelong learners and master the Liberty Warrior Way. Our students can realize that the world is their training ground with staff, volunteers, and mentors serving as guides who embody the same values. Everyone involved in the school has a purpose to influence students to work diligently, aspire to greater ability, and responsibly care for those around them.

​A Liberty Warrior stands for their principles and is willing to embrace the challenges of learning and living.

Liberty Warriors are grounded in exceptional character, learning from mentors while dedicated to mastery and ready to tackle future challenges.

Character Values

This is the core of the Liberty Warrior Way at Liberty Launch Academy. A Warrior’s character is expressed by rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, and expecting no reward. To have honor, great presence, and respect- this is the reflection of our Warrior ethos.


• Grateful
• Kind
• Accountable


• Innovative
• Collaborative
• Reflective


• Ambitious
• Courageous
• Resilient

Statement of Faith

Just as faith and freedom are deeply woven into the ethos of the United States of America, Liberty Launch Academy believes in medical, religious, and educational freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to us at info@libertylaunchacademy.org if you have any questions that are not answered in this list.

Absolutely! Give us a call and schedule your tour today!

Teacher selection is guided strictly by our values and vision. Our leadership team understands the importance of high quality educators in a child’s development. Therefore, we will choose teachers that celebrate each student’s strengths while providing encouraging opportunities for improvement. We are not limiting our search to local applicants, as teachers from other cities, states, or countries will only benefit the students. We will look beyond certifications to find passionate and knowledgeable educators with professional experience in engineering, science, law, medicine, and agriculture/horticulture, as examples.

 LLA is starting with K-8 in 2022.  We will add a grade level every year until it is a full school from K-12.  The first year for grade 9 will be 2023, first year of grade 10 will be 2024 and so on.  


Yes, we have need-based financial assistance to promote a diverse student population. All aid applications will be submitted securely online with corresponding documentation to standardize the process. 


Sports are central to our educational model. We will emphasize effort and attitude over performance, incentivizing collaboration with teammates. Students will play sports in PE, after school, and eventually on the weekends, as competition allows. We will promote: basketball, soccer, rugby, rowing, wrestling, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and more. 

If we do not have enough students to form a school team then we will support a student joining the local public school team if desired.  


Disrupting Education for Good