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Welcome to Liberty Launch Academy

We’re on a mission to liberate education with a vision of forging principled leaders who will positively impact the world. Our innovative and project-based school is dedicated to forging principled leaders and cultivating a lifelong passion for learning. We go beyond traditional classrooms, offering hands-on experiences that not only educate but also build character and grit.
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Core Values

Our curriculum is designed to inspire the next generation of change-agents. At Liberty Launch Academy, we’re shaping individuals who excel academically while embodying the resilience, integrity, and passion needed to create a meaningful impact on the world. Join us as, together, shape a brighter, purpose-driven future.






House of Liberty Launch Academy

Welcome to The LLA House, where our mission serves as the foundation for liberating education and our vision aims at cultivating visionary and principled leaders.

Embracing the Warrior Way, our values serve as compass points, steering our actions towards excellence. Within these walls, strategic objectives form the sturdy beams, shaping principled and well-rounded leaders. Our commitment to highest quality education and best practices is upheld by the pillars of our institution.

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Athletics Program

Nurturing Athletic Excellence at Liberty Launch Academy.

At LLA, we’re committed to building the foundation for lifelong athleticism and sportsmanship, from our youngest learners through high school. Our integrated Physical Education and competitive sports programs are designed to inspire, challenge, build grit, and prepare students for success on and off the mat, court, or field of play. We are building champions for life!

QUESTIONS: Please feel free to contact our Athletic Director, Kelsey McCarthy

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K-4th Grade: Students have the opportunity to learn the foundations of many different sports, no matter the seasons outside. We follow the Washington grade-level standards for these teaching topics, and we also expose our students to fitness workouts like AMRAP, EMOM, and Tabata. We strive to build fitness, but have fun in the process. We teach that being an athlete is healthy and rewarding, and we lay a strong foundation so that an LLA Warrior is so well-rounded that he/she can participate in any extracurricular sport they choose.

5th Grade-High School: This program is designed to increase physical fitness, knowledge, cooperation, and enjoyment through health, fitness, and activities that will benefit the student both now and in the future. The purpose of this class is to promote healthy behaviors for today’s young adults. This course includes intense weight lifting at a high tempo that will increase in difficulty progressively throughout the year. The instruction will consist of Olympic, upper body, lower body, flexibility, and core strengthening exercises. We also have a designated Sport Day every week, where we dive deeper into leaning the rules and the movements.

****These P.E. classes are an integral part of our students’ daily routine. P.E. is a core class at our school; not just an elective once a week. We exemplify principles of healthy mind, body, attitude, grit, growth, and others. We echo lessons learned in Warrior Wake-Up, and there is congruent collaboration between our classroom teachers and our P.E. teachers.


Elementary Partnerships: Opportunities for participation in Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Rugby, and Swimming through local sports organizations, with both on-site instruction and competitive team play.

We will help by providing sign-up links, dates, and even help organize carpool options for our LLA students choosing to opt into these organizations.

Middle School Competitive Edge: Enhanced competitive programming with the same sports partnerships mentioned above, aligning with students’ evolving strengths and interests. Official WIAA school participation for grades 6-8.

High School Varsity and JV Teams: Here is where our WIAA representation really amps up. As our high school grows by a new grade level every school year moving forward, we will have more and more opportunities to field enough players for full teams–Varsity and JV.

In the meantime, we are expecting the following school sports for 2024-2025: Fall–Boys and Girls Cross Country Winter–Boys and Girls Wrestling Spring–Boys and Girls Track and Field.

Expected in 2025-2026 year: Girls volleyball and Boys Soccer, Boys and Girls Golf, and more!


Comprehensive Training Program: Salem Giampietro, of BlackGoat Fitness, creates the backbone of our strength and fitness programming for all of our P.E. students. In addition to her cooperation with our PE staff, she offers many evening classes at her gym (in our building) for Youth and Teen Fitness.


Diverse Athletic and Creative Activities: Because of our state-of-the-art facilities, and our talented staff and mentors, we host extra opportunities for all age children in our community to dabble in Expect activities like tumbling, jiu jitsu, yoga, soccer, an assortment of dance classes, and more.

Partnered with organized STEAM activities.


Exploratory Sports Camps: We have even more opportunities to try sports during our designated camp weeks during the summer. More on this as exact details become available.


Expert Guidance and Support: LLA is proud to collaborate with an array of talented mentors, including professionals and enthusiasts from various fields. These mentors bring unique skills and perspectives, enriching our programs and inspiring our students.


Our staff is united by a shared passion for teaching, driven by the belief that education is a powerful force for positive change. Each member brings an entrepreneurial mindset to the classroom, infusing innovation and creativity into their teaching methods.

Talented in their respective fields, our staff members are not only experts in their subjects but also adept at inspiring curiosity and critical thinking. Beyond their expertise, they are committed to impacting education on a broader scale, striving to shape students into principled leaders who will make a lasting difference in the world. At Liberty Launch Academy, our staff is not just educators; they are mentors, motivators, and advocates for the transformative power of education.

Luke Kjar

Bio Coming Soon

Phil Kassel

Bio Coming Soon!

Michelle Armstrong

Bio Coming Soon!

Jason Miller

Family Motto: There are always options-never a dead end. March Forth!

Jason is starting his second year at Liberty Launch Academy. He is excited about the opportunity to ignite “wonder” in students- in both curiosity and amazement! To create the space for students to own their learning and see the real world application. To be present while kids ground themselves in healthy culture, habits and mindset for the greatest wellbeing. He is also excited to work with a dedicated and passionate team of educators! Something Jason himself would like to learn is more languages, how to tango dance, a musical instrument and how to be more self-sustainable/reliant. His passion projects are traveling, spending time with family and close friends and being in nature. The one thing that always makes him laugh is his students!

Cammy Cirhan

Cammy is in her second year at Liberty Launch Academy, She is excited to work with a team of teachers to create exciting and inviting experiences for students. So it fits that her current passion project is to create an amazing elementary program at LLA. When she has time Cammy would like to learn another language. Just about anything can make Cammy laugh, because laughing is her favorite!

Amanda Kassel

Bio Coming Soon!

Molly Bauman

Personal Motto: I don't want to live an easy life, I want to live a meaningful life.

Molly is going into her second year teaching at Liberty Launch Academy. She is most excited for the curiosity and energy of the kids! She is also excited to build community, connect with families, and continue challenging herself to push the boundaries of what education can look like. Something Molly would like to learn is how to hunt, forage, and grow/raise my own food. There is something powerful about being connected to the land, the environment, and the foods we nourish our bodies with. One person who can always make her laugh is Johnny, her 5 year old nephew.

Savannah McIntyre

Family Motto: It is what it is

Savannah is in her first year of teaching at Liberty Launch Academy. She is most excited about starting a new position at a school that cares about teaching through creativity and having a hands-on approach. She is also really looking forward to being in a space where children are excited to come to play and learn. Something that Savannah has always wanted to learn is how to play the guitar. She loves a good DIY project that can transform a space. Her current project is creating a little backyard oasis that her family can enjoy on summer nights spent at home. The thing that always makes her laugh is spending good quality time with family and friends, telling stories and being silly.

Kenna Kyler

Family Motto:
At the end of the day, always be best friends again

Kenna is in her first year teaching at Liberty Launch Academy. She is most excited about getting to know all her students and helping mold them into the great humans that they are!
Something that Kenna would like to learn someday is how to crochet or knit a blanket and the thing that always makes her laugh is her husband. Her current passion project is making a cookbook of all the recipes that she and her husband love.

Brittney Barney

Bio Coming Soon!

Amber Nichols

Family Motto: You can’t burn a candle at both ends

Amber is beginning her first year at Liberty Launch Academy. She is most excited to really be connected with the real world in our curriculum in our learning. She has always wanted to learn how to do the west coast swing and salsa dancing. If you want to get her laughing the thing that will do the trick is funny cat and dog videos.

Felice Orrell

Family Motto: Your character knows when you cut corners

Felice is in her first year of teaching at Liberty Launch Academy. The thing that she looks forward to most is the opportunity to learn from other people. One day Felice would like to learn woodworking. Her current passion project is her home and the thing that makes her laugh is her kids.

Jessie Rhoads

Bio Coming Soon!

Jake Rodgers

Family Motto:
We do not have one. But maybe we do…..

Jake is starting his first year at Liberty Launch Academy. He is most excited to be working with an amazing staff and to restore joy and meaning to learning. His current passion project is being an awesome dad to two daughters. Jake would like to learn how to play like a kid again. He often thinks about asking his own kids to teach him. The thing that makes him laugh are his own jokes, “I’m usually the first to laugh at them and sometimes the only one to laugh!”

Damone Solomon

Family Motto: We listen, We learn, We Lead and always have God, Grace, and Gratitude.

Damone is starting his second year with Liberty Launch Academy. He is looking forward to being able to impact and inspire more lives…Educate, Motivate, Elevate. His current Passion project is to learn how he can best impact and grow every aspect of his family and loved ones. Damone likes to Laugh so anything really works- Comedy movies, shows, his family. One day Damone would like to learn how to speak fluent Spanish.

Zayne Starr

Family Motto: Live for the experiences

This is Zayne’s second year teaching at Liberty Launch Academy. The thing Zayne is most excited for this year is off campus experiences and science experiments. A skill he has always wanted to learn is how to land a kickflip. One thing that can always make him laugh is a witty pun or good quip. His current passion project is raising his Japanese language skill to conversational fluency.

Sophie Steele

Family Motto: Remember who you are

Sophie is starting her first year teaching at Liberty Launch Academy. She is excited to make learning fun and unique for 4th graders. Something Sophie has always wanted to learn is Pottery. Her current passion project is learning the sport of pickleball. And being silly with friends is a definite way to make her laugh.

Carmen Wiberg

Bio Coming Soon!

Kevin Udell

Bio Coming Soon!

Drey Woodson

Bio Coming Soon!

Katie Zachow

Family Motto: Live your life

Katie is a first year teacher at Liberty Launch Academy. She is most excited to build relationships with both students and Staff. One thing that she has always wanted to learn is the game of Tennis. Her current passion project is to expand her outdoor living space. The people who make Katie laugh are her kids, friends and people who tell “dad jokes”.

Nicole Zamora

Family Motto: We are a team

Nichole is a first year teacher at Liberty Launch Academy. She is excited to be a part of a brand new school and to help build the school community and climate as well as the academic and professional success for the students and staff. A new skill Nichole is working on this summer is learning how to drive a boat. She is also learning a new sport in the game of golf, which will allow her to play a sport with both her husband and son. A passion project that makes her happy is learning to decorate cookies and cupcakes. “I may not be the best at baking and decorating, but it makes me feel good and it allows me to tap into my unique artistic skills”. The thing that makes her laugh most is her family and funny memes.

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