Reaching the Whole Learner

We care for our children on a multifaceted level. In teaching mindfulness alongside wellness and nutrition, we’re empowering our learners to become reflective, healthy young adults with practices to last them a lifetime.​

Social and emotional learning are also integral to our model. Cultivating skills such as self-management, social awareness, and responsible decision making are essential to our work at Liberty Launch Academy.

By using mistakes as space for growth, we allow for empathy and start to develop individuals of great character in and out of the classroom.

School wide Curriculum

Our curriculum and instruction is crafted to the learners’ interests and inquiries. The learner has agency and autonomy over their own learning process with help from their teachers, who facilitate and co-construct the students’ learning.

This engaging framework offers hands-on learning that requires critical thinking and innovative exploration. We will give students a purpose to learn and an opportunity to positively impact the community. They will be asked to use their knowledge and skills to solve real-life situations and challenges.

Subjects and knowledge are not taught or learned in isolation. Like in real life, several skills and subjects intersect and build on each other. We embrace the intersectionality of knowledge in order to create a cross-pollination of creative ideas.
Competency-based learning focuses on assessment through the demonstration of different skills that students gain within a continuum of levels for growth and mastery. This framework is not tied to age or grade-level but rather individual growth, development and pacing.
We view the outdoors as an additional classroom. Learning will take place outside as well as indoor learning spaces. Interaction and activities in nature supports healthy development for humans and provides skill sets and experiences that are beneficial and growth-provoking.

As citizens of the world, Liberty Warriors engage in the learning of the humanities to build empathy and learn about diverse world cultures. Learners will have ample opportunities to contribute in different capacities eliciting real-world, 21st century skills. Specifically, students at the academy will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language.

As students discover their interests through their exposure to a variety of pathways, they will have the opportunity to create entrepreneurial avenues. We find value in harnessing student passion infused with entrepreneurship to add monetary value and a deeper meaning to their efforts and learning. This creates potential for students to offer a greater contribution to their world.

As a part of the Liberty Lake community, we embrace partnership with our community to cultivate real-life learning and application while also creating lasting relationships that benefit businesses, organizations and families. Teams of community members and students offer an opportunity to bridge the gap between education and real life.

Rigorous exercise and intentional movement are a central component of the Liberty Warriors’ experience to enhance engagement, motivation and confidence.

Mindfulness focuses on being aware, accepting and reflective. It cultivates a calming sense of being. This research-based framework incorporates breathing, reflective activities and meditation.

Like knowledge, healthy foods can help cultivate a healthy brain. We teach and model nutrition along with providing healthy options for learners. In addition, we put value on a healthy life-style and exercise habits.

Our model focuses on the social and emotional learning of a child to cultivate a greater degree of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making. It also focuses on developing a growth mindset.

Restorative practices look at any conflict or infraction as a violation of relationship and rather than a violation of the school/rules. It focuses on problem solving and accountability through dialogue. The focus is on the harms, needs and obligation to right the wrongs and hurt. It is reparative and not punitive.
Character education is woven into the heart of the Academy’s culture, academics and athletics. Character building involves cultivating healthy habits and important traits that help mold students into good humans of great character. A Liberty Warrior stands for core values and principles and is willing to embrace the challenges of learning.

Innovative Exploration

Here at Liberty Launch Academy, our learning system is anything but traditional—it’s innovative and multifaceted. Instead of molding students to fit our system, we’ve created a curriculum that is centered around the needs of each individual student. Relying on the support of our teachers, we give students the autonomy to dive in and explore while having the necessary support to facilitate and co-create their personalized educational experience. Our program is designed to help our students “blast off” into what’s next—whether that means diving into the workforce and finding their careers, heading off to college, or enlisting in the military.

Just like in the real world, our learners will see that their skills and knowledge build on each other. Through working both in (and out) of our building and through serving their community, students will get a hands-on approach that allows them to see the intersection of their creative ideas. As such, learning at Liberty Launch Academy can occur anywhere: on our 30-acres of land for exploring and hiking, in our professional offices within the building, or even through collaboration with our mentors in our upstairs communal workspace.


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