Empowering and Guiding Future Leaders

Here at Liberty Launch Academy, we want to give our students someone to look up to and support them through their time here and thereafter.

Mentors are individuals of honorable character that act as supportive coaches and advisors to Warriors on a volunteer basis. Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds; from professionals of business and skill to tradespeople and craftsmen.

Students have the opportunity to learn trades of niche interest through mentors with expertise and passion for what they do. A mentor is a vital ally for students navigating the trials, challenges, and milestones of their adolescence.

What a Mentor Looks Like

Mentoring provides innovators in our community with an opportunity to create a long-lasting legacy with students. By visiting the classroom, sharing your experiences or current challenges, or even teaching students a new skill, mentors inspire students to see career paths and passions that they might have otherwise never considered!

Become a Mentor

The idea is that they’re sharing their passions and challenges and offering students an opportunity to solve those challenges. This could look like visiting campus to teach a skill, or presenting a current obstacle or expertise.​

Looking to share your experience with students? Liberty Launch Academy is looking for local innovators to volunteer for the 2022-2023 school year.