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Preschool to 9th Grade

Liberty Launch Academy is a private school in Liberty Lake, Washington that provides a personalized learning experience while also bringing in local mentors who guide with input, wisdom, and guiding principles to empower, inform, and prepare them to be launch-ready for the world.

With our hands-on and exploration based model for Preschool to 9th Grade for 2023-2024 school year, Liberty Launch Academy is proud to be an innovative school that activates a life-long learning experience.

From Our Parents

Why Launch?

Building Character

Launch Academy teaches children how to be good humans and how to persevere.

Love of Learning

Launch Academy is grounded in wonder and play to amplify academic outcomes.

Learning Has No Walls

Launch Academy curates engaging learning experiences beyond the classroom.


Launch Academy introduces students to vetted professionals so they can learn from industry mentors.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Launch Academy recognizes that each child learns differently, and we help each student thrive by maximizing how they learn best.

And Much More

We are always listening to parents and students to create the best environment for children to thrive.

Character Values

This is the core of the Liberty Warrior Way at Liberty Launch Academy. A Warrior’s character is expressed by rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, and expecting no reward. To have honor, great presence, and respect- this is the reflection of our Warrior ethos.


A Liberty Warrior Is:

• Grateful
• Kind
• Accountable


A Liberty Warrior Is:

• Innovative
• Collaborative
• Reflective


A Liberty Warrior Is:

• Ambitious
• Courageous
• Resilient

Launch into Lifelong Learning

At Liberty Launch Academy, our learning model is anything but traditional—it’s innovative and multifaceted. We believe that each child is unique; That education is not a One Size Fits All. Measuring success does not depend on a Predetermined Outcome because Learning never stops. 

Liberty Launch Academy is dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment. We empower all to forge themselves into change agents in their community, humans of great character, and masters of knowledge.

Liberty Launch Academy