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Forging Principled Leaders Who Positively Impact The World.

Calling youth athletes, entrepreneurs, and innovators! Liberty Launch Academy is a forge for the next generation of principled leaders who will rise above the status quo, thrive, and make the difference that the world needs.
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Liberating Education Through Experiential Learning And Personal Development.

Liberty Launch Academy offers a compelling alternative to public education, focusing on experiential learning, whole child development, and preparing principled leaders for the future.


Embracing creativity and new ideas fosters an environment where students flourish and learning excels.

Character Development

Proactively helping kids to see that it is not just about what they want to do, but who they are that can make the difference!


We engage with clubs such as lacrosse, rugby, wrestling, soccer, and more!

Project Based Learning

Spark curiosity and hold students accountable to apply the knowledge that they learn with empathy and collaboration.

By providing a nurturing, values-driven environment with individualized attention, we aim to empower your child to thrive and succeed in all aspects of life.

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Nurturing Leaders, Shaping Success

Liberty Launch Academy is more than a school; it's a catalyst for the trailblazers of tomorrow. Here, we nurture young athletes, inspire budding entrepreneurs, and ignite the passion of innovative thinkers. Dedicated to experiential learning, our students actively apply their knowledge, setting them apart as standout students and leaders in the community. At Liberty Launch, we're committed to shaping a future where every child not only excels but also leads and makes a lasting impact on the world.

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We are pioneering the future of education and are constantly identifying, testing and implementing the best tools, resources, and programs to fulfill our vision of excellence, empowering growth together!
At Liberty Launch Academy, we cherish the integral role parents play in shaping their future.
Hear directly from the parents who have enrolled students attending Liberty Launch Academy. These parents expand on what our mission is all about.




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Program Overview

Liberty to Launch

Our curriculum is tailored to maximize learning for each age group, fostering a natural and intuitive educational experience. Through this approach, our students learn to independently construct their life’s rocket, ensuring they are fully prepared to soar into the world and thrive.
Littles Launch Academy

Preschool, Pre-K, & Kindergarten

We work to foster foundational skills in a playful and engaging setting, emphasizing personalized attention & critical thinking from an early age.

Elementary School


Nurturing a love for learning and honing essential skills while introducing students to the community through skills-based reporting.



Deepening durable skill development, integrating inquiry-based instruction, and fostering self-directed learning to cultivate a lifelong passion for education.

High School


Refining specialized skills for future endeavors, demonstrating progressive learning experiences, connecting academics to real-world contexts, and meeting tailored graduation criteria.

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