Participation in athletics forms a vital part of the overall educational experience for all of our students in all grades, Pre-K – 12th. Competition and participation, as well as physical education, provides physical, social, and emotional growth and development. As with all aspects of our curricular and co-curricular programs, Liberty Launch Academy offers developmentally appropriate athletic options to serve the students’ needs and to realize their full potential.

Primary School (Pre-K - 4th)

Primary physical education is carried out at an introductory level which gradually carries through the grades as our students grow. Engaging in activity helps young learners develop motor skills, self confidence, and improve behavior. We take an interactive approach with our young learners. We focus on fostering awareness of physical presence while teaching them about their basic body mechanics.

Some of these ideas include:
• Structure of bones, muscles, and vital organs
• How the body uses food for fuel
• Balance exercises to build strength
• Allowing time for rest and recovery ​

At this early stage, we do not influence specializing in a particular sport too early in order to avoid burnout and predisposed injury. We introduce developmental activities that activate exploration of their physical and mental capability. These also serve as building blocks for character formation and growth to help our young students begin their adventure to becoming lifelong learners.

Middle School (5th - 8th)

Middle School is a time of great exploration. We aim to motivate our middle school students to embark on discovering their interests and encourage them to pursue many different sports for their own self-confidence and discovery.

Students have the opportunity to explore each sport we offer with the guidance of our athletic coaches and mentors to find what motivates them.

Students will learn to balance their lives physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

High School (9th - 12th)

Grade 9 is coming in the 2023-24 school year, with each grade to follow by year. The first graduates from Liberty Launch Academy will be Launch Ready in Spring 2027!

High school level athletics takes a deeper dive into narrowing students’ interests for a mastery focus. Here at Liberty Launch Academy, ability and number of wins doesn’t equate to mastery, character development and understanding the Warrior Way does. Our objective is to help students envision their purpose and motivate them to achieve their own goals for the life they wish to lead—whether it be in sports, their career, or elsewhere.

We aim to set and monitor environments that reward a growth mindset and communicate how athletic participation calibrates a strong foundation for life success after graduation. Student athletes experience situations in sport which allows them to have a more realistic understanding of how they can set goals and what they can achieve as they move into the collegiate world and workforce.

We know that student athletes manifest stronger peer relationships, better attachment with adults, higher self-esteem, a closer sense of family, and participate more in volunteerism.

Calling All Coaches and Mentors

Are you a sports enthusiast? We are looking for coaches and mentors to join our team! Please consider becoming a mentor. Through sport, students translate their education into action and thinking for a truly impactful learning experience.